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5 Tips for Choosing a Solar Installer

tips for choosing a solar installer

Finding the right solar company for you can be a difficult task. Choosing the right installer is critical for the longevity of your solar system. You are not only choosing a company at the time of installation but also for the lifetime care of your solar system. Here are five things to look for when choosing a solar installer.

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5 Economic Benefits of Solar Energy

5 economic benefits of solar energy stacks of pennies with plants

We do our best to ensure going solar fits your budget and helps you earn money along the way. You can even use some of the savings and earnings from solar incentives to pay back the money you’ve borrowed.

Apart from the obvious environmental benefits, there are countless other reasons to make the switch from fossil fuels to renewables. Here are 5 more reasons to consider solar energy for your home:

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Should You Consider Tree Removal for Solar?

revolusun residential solar installation roof

Most homes in the United States have the ability to go solar. You don’t need to live in Florida or California to save money and provide energy for your home. The biggest issue for going solar isn’t how sunny your state typically is. The main issues are potential obstructions to your panels, which may include trees or other buildings. Unfortunately, not much can be done if your roof is regularly shaded by another building. But if your roof is shaded by trees, there are options you can take to maximize your solar experience and savings associated with going solar.

The path most taken is to remove the trees obstructing your roof. It seems odd, however, that to “go green” you might have to remove trees to minimize your environmental footprint. While it is ironic, the environmental benefits from your solar system beat out the environmental impact of tree removal.

When considering solar panels for your home many people look around their yard and consider cutting down trees to reduce shading on their roof. Is this really necessary? It depends. Sometimes really tall trees are far enough away or situated to the north so they won’t impact the solar access. Additionally, if a house is partially shaded they can still sometimes get enough sunlight on other parts of their roof that the shaded part won’t negatively impact production and the homeowner can still produce enough power to offset energy usage. Ultimately, it is best to wait for a professional solar access report before cutting down any trees.

For every customer, RevoluSun conducts a pre-inspection to determine a home’s solar viability. Our Project Manager will then make a recommendation regarding tree work. In our experience, only about 25% of people who would benefit from tree work actually take the advice. One of our most recent customers had very poor solar access, about 74%, because of excessive shading. He cut down 22 small pines himself and hired a contractor to remove 3 large oak trees for $1,000. His solar access then went up to 81%, enough to earn a CEC rebate of $3,250 and increase his solar electricity generation by 1,290 kWh/year! The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (CEC) is responsible for encouraging renewable energy production and, at the time this client purchased, also offered a rebate to residential solar systems producing above 81%.

The extra energy produced by this system saves an extra $300/year in avoided electricity costs, assuming the current rate of $0.23/kWh and another $330/year in SREC income. Combined with the CEC rebate, this customer saved an extra $3,880 in the first year alone. Over 25 years, this customer will save about $7,600 on avoided electricity while earning an extra $11,500 between the CEC and SRECs. That’s over $19,000!

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Sharing Clean Energy

You decided to go solar, congrats! You check your cloud-based SolarEdge monitor and see that everything is going great. Your panels are producing a serious amount of energy that is significantly offsetting your electric bill, they look awesome, and you are doing your part to reduce carbon emissions. You may have even invested in a Tesla Powerwall that keeps your home powered during power outages, stores your own energy so you never have to buy back from the grid, and helps you power your electric car! Overall, you are super excited and want to share this news with your neighbors, but how?

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