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5 Tips for Choosing a Solar Installer

tips for choosing a solar installer

Finding the right solar company for you can be a difficult task. Choosing the right installer is critical for the longevity of your solar system. You are not only choosing a company at the time of installation but also for the lifetime care of your solar system. Here are five things to look for when choosing a solar installer.

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5 Economic Benefits of Solar Energy

5 economic benefits of solar energy stacks of pennies with plants

We do our best to ensure going solar fits your budget and helps you earn money along the way. You can even use some of the savings and earnings from solar incentives to pay back the money you’ve borrowed.

Apart from the obvious environmental benefits, there are countless other reasons to make the switch from fossil fuels to renewables. Here are 5 more reasons to consider solar energy for your home:

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Race to 1,000 RevoluSunaries: Our Solar Story

Our Beginnings

RevoluSun began in 2006 as a solar installation and service company in Honolulu, Hawaii with the mission of spreading the deployment of renewable energy and protecting the environment.

In 2012, RevoluSun (formerly Northeast Solar Services) officially began installing solar systems in Massachusetts. During our first calendar year in business, we completed only a handful of installations. These installations turned out to be the foundation of a credible company with a fantastic network of customers. These installations took place in the outskirts of Boston and along Cape Cod.

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15 Innovative Applications of Solar Micro-Generation

Residential solar installations and utility-scale generation plants are not the only use for solar panels; micro-generation opens the door to endless possibilities where relatively small amounts of electricity are needed. These inventions range from extremely simple to cutting-edge. No matter how big or small the application, the benefits of micro-generation are undeniable.

Solar Powered Trash + Recycling Compactors

Solar powered trash and recycling compactors are found across the country. These bins can hold up to 8 times the waste of a non-compacting trash bin and reduce trash collections by 80%. With less litter on the sidewalks and fewer garbage trucks on the road, cities are saving money and our communities and environment are cleaner.

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