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Our Mission to Protect Your Investment and Your Roof

We’re the Best at What We Do

There are a lot of hesitations we see when a homeowner is thinking about going solar. Some of these are old adages, or even just false rumors. One of the biggest concerns we hear about everyday is potential damage to a home’s roof. Fortunately, we’re experts with your home. With well over 7,000 installs in Massachusetts, we’ve never had a roof leak. Not once. At RevoluSun, we take pride in taking the best measures to ensure your roof’s longevity. We use Unirac SunFrame, which uses 50% less roof penetrations, providing superior strength and stability compared to traditional racking systems. This allows us to guarantee our customer’s warranties, which is very important to homeowners.

The gap-free design of SunFrame allows for a sleek, low profile design of a solar array. Panels are supported in between rails rather than on top of them, creating a more integrated appearance of the panels into the roof. But, regardless of our knowledge and skills as a company, there’s little conversation about the benefits solar panels provide for your roof.

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Energy Efficiency: Choosing Green For Your Home

Solar is a great way to cut down on your home’s carbon footprint and energy usage, but it isn’t the only way. There is a whole range of energy efficient products and technologies that are available to reduce your home energy usage and save you money. Some of these are larger expenses and good to consider when it’s time to replace old appliances, and others have smaller upfront costs with long term savings. Here’s a list of some suggested items to consider when doing home improvements:

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People Love Us On Yelp

It’s official, people love us on Yelp, and Yelp created an award to let everyone know.

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Another Reason to Love Us: Our Referral Program

Love solar but afraid of the upfront cost? Between federal, state, and local utility incentives, solar energy is not just becoming more and more affordable, but a financially-sound investment for your home. Besides the shorter payback periods and returns on investment we see with our customers, there are other reasons why going solar with RevoluSun is a fantastic idea for your wallet. We offer a $500 referral bonus for every person you send our way who signs on to go green with us, and $25 for every person you refer who has a free appointment with us. We notice a lot of our customers use our Referral Program as a significant way to shave off some of the upfront costs of going solar.

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