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Massachusetts Solar Industry Booming

Massachusetts is one of the best states to go solar in, and it’s not just us saying it. It’s a fact. Massachusetts is ranked sixth in the country for solar energy. This ranking is because of the state incentives, innovation, and enthusiasm of Massachusetts residents for renewable energy.

High electric rates in the State are another reason that solar can be so profitable in Massachusetts. In 2015, Massachusetts had the 5th highest electric rates in the country. People often think of sunny states like California being better for solar than Massachusetts. However, the annual average price per kilowatt in 2015 was 15.50 cents in California and 16.86 cents in Massachusetts. This just over 10 cent difference is enough to make up for the less sunny climate in Massachusetts. The State is helping to drive the country in solar jobs, installations, and growth projections, playing an instrumental role in building a more sustainable future.

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True Costs: Fossil Fuels vs. Solar Energy

When we pay utility bills or buy gas, we’re paying for the direct cost of the fuel, such as how much it cost to extract and refine it. We know that fossil fuels are also responsible for creating pollution that damages the environment and poses a threat to human health. Those costs are not reflected in the bills you pay. To accurately compare fossil fuels to solar energy, you have to include those hidden costs of each.

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Solar Power World Top 500

solar power world top 500 solar contractors 2017

RevoluSun is proud to announce that we made the top 500 solar installers nationwide. We also ranked 5th in Massachusetts for residential installers! One of the leading online and print sources of solar news and technology, Solar Power World Magazine, has recently released its top 500 solar contractors in the United States for 2017. Solar Power World is one of the most engaged online news sources for updates and trends in the world of solar installation, development and technology. They have been recognized with a variety of industry awards, including multiple awards from the Association of Business Publishing Editors.

We are proud to be recognized by our peers in the industry for focusing on customer service and installation quality. Revolusun would like to thank all of our customers for their continued support and recognition as a top solar installer. We hope to continue growing and expanding our message of cleaner, smarter solar.

RevoluSun Unveils Tesla Powerwall 2

tesla powerwall

For the past half a decade, RevoluSun has been installing our Solar PV systems with the future in mind. The future has arrived with the Tesla Powerwall 2 and we are REALLY excited about offering this to our customers!

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