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RevoluSun is a locally owned and operated Massachusetts solar installer which provides the highest quality solar designs and installations. RevoluSun was founded as an expansion of Northeast Electrical, a 20+ year Massachusetts electrical industry leader. Northeast Electrical’s long local history ensures our locally serviced warranty is built on a sound foundation capable of honoring all obligations undertaken on a project.

Don’t Just Go Solar. Join The RevoluSun.

We know that you have many options for going solar and the comparisons may seem overwhelming. At RevoluSun, we take pride in providing not only the best products and installations, but in sharing solar education and presenting clear information through every step of the solar process.

With RevoluSun you get.

  • Proven track record with over 7000 + Solar systems installed.
  • Twenty years of local experience. That’s second to no-one.
  • We give you the best warranty and installations in Massachusetts.
  • A 25 year Production Guarantee!

Our services

We offer more than just roof mounted solar arrays, we go far beyond this and give you some clear choices. If a roof mounted solar system is something your not comfortable with then maybe you want to look at some other alternative like a ground mount or even a tracker solar system. Its Solar panels and savings your way.
Solar works here in Massachusetts and we would love to have the opportunity to speak with you and show you why we are the best choice for solar power system.

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Solar roof array
Roof Array

Here is a beautiful design with all black panels that adds a distinct aesthetic look. We can customize the look with our superior products.
As an Elite Sunpower Dealer we have the panels that work best right here in Massachusetts.

Solar ground mount array
Ground Mounts

Certainly this works very well if you have the space and of course if tress do not cast shadows. This is a great way to go solar and still save big.

solar tracker array
Tracker solar array

Simply put, this type of solar array is out of the way and will never miss a ray of sunshine. The tracker takes limited space and can also be designed around what your needs are.


The staff at RevoluSun have been outstanding. Our project developer has supported us long past the purchase date. The office staff have been invaluable in helping us with the paperwork to get our solar rebates and tax credits, as well as setting up our SREC account.

Judy Jackson – Framingham, Mass

The RevoluSun project developer was very knowledgeable and took the time to answer our questions. After doing a solar survey, he presented several proposals. Having an engineering background I looked into the details and felt very comfortable with what I found. RevoluSun’s experience, approach, manufacturer choices, and service levels seemed top-notch,”

The Zahoras of Burlington, Mass.

“It’s a deal that makes a lot of sense for Massachusetts homeowners. When my husband and I decided to take the plunge and “go solar” quality was a top priority so we chose RevoluSun. They had the experience and their installation methods were miles ahead of the competition.”

Liza C. of Canton, Mass.

“The whole process made perfect sense. We have total confidence in RevoluSun’s experience and techniques and their customer service was unmatched. We knew what to expect at every point in the process.”

Carolyn S. of Andover, Mass.

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